Mind Your Passwords


According to the New York Times, 20% of web users are still protecting their accounts with common, easily hacked passwords. A recent breach of RockYou provided analysts a list of 32 million stolen passwords - quite a nice dataset.

Strengths Finder 2.0 - What I Learned

I start my Master's degree in Technology Management program at George Mason University this Saturday, and before class we were all required to take the Strengths Finder assessment.

I Did It With Drupal in New Orleans

I’m on the plane, returning from 3 wonderful days in New Orleans with some of the smartest, most passionate, friendliest geeks around.

Again, I’m reminded why I drank the Drupal Kool-Aid. My Drupal obsession is really about the community.

Happy Birthday Wikipedia, from the Writer's Almanac

Yesterday as I was driving to work, the familiar voice of Garrison Keillor's "The Writer's Almanac" came on, as it does every morning. It was the birthday of Larry Sangor, one of the co-founders of Wikipedia, and I liked very much what Garrison had to say.

Have a listen below, or check out the transcript.

Sharepoint - Not So Evil

I’ve been in a Sharepoint class all week. I looked forward to this about as much as a root canal. I’ve always loved open source, have been developing and promoting Drupal, and generally railing against the Microsoft Borg throughout my web development career. However, my employer just happened to drop a hundred grand or so on a Sharepoint installation, and my group is tasked with deploying it.

The power of owning our screwups - what my days in the Amazon call center taught me

Whenever I pull out the “Oh yes, I got my start in the industry with Amazon.com in the late 90’s” line, some part of me feels a little guilty, a little fake, for not completing the statement with “…as a customer service rep in the call center”.

It wasn’t a glamorous job, but the couple years I spent “de-escalating” angry customers and trying to “make things right” taught me some quite valuable, relevant job skills - and ingrained in me a service-oriented business perspective that I use every day.

Emma Loves Bouncy Chairs

Sam took this photo of Emma at a Mommy Group recently. She just loves bouncy chairs.

Emma loves bouncy chairs.
Emma loves bouncy chairs.

"Cool" Web Design Doesn't Pay

Which door should I use?
Which door should I use?

Jakob Nielson is one of my favorite voices on the web. Most people either love him or hate him, which I’ve found to be a good indicator that someone is worth listening to, at least until I can form a judgment myself.

His latest Alertbox column reminds me, again, that no amount of design “wow” can make your website visitors buy more, contact you, or whatever your desired conversion goal is.

Bad content, bad links, bad navigation, bad category pages… which is worst for business? In these examples, bad content takes the prize for costing the company the most money.

Successful sales-oriented websites make it easy for users to accomplish the desired action and encourage them every step of the way. Good web design supports, rather than gets in the way of, the conversion process.

My Favorite Thing to Do

When my parents, sister and niece came to visit a month or so ago they took some great pictures. My sister Cheryl took this one:

Emma & Dan
Emma & Dan

Headlines from a Parallel Universe

It’s bear season again in Durango.

Durango Herald Online.

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